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MasterStream in the news...

MasterStream in the news...

T-Mobile Launches MasterStream-RX

by Jeff Fraser

Salestream Software, Inc., today announced the release of T-Mobile’s private instance of MasterStream-RX to support their partner program. The Un-carrierTM is breaking the rules again by becoming the first major wireless carrier to deploy MasterStream, the agent channel’s most popular sales automation platform. 

Empowered by MasterStream’s characteristic ease-of-use driven portal design, authorized T-Mobile agent partners will soon find quoting on-demand easier than ever when it comes to navigating the often challenging process of pairing devices and plan options with compatibility and configuration rules.

“T-Mobile’s instance of MasterStream uses the power of intuitive and responsive design to simplify quoting within a deep and broad product portfolio.” said Jeff Fraser, President of Salestream Software. “We’ve long held that MasterStream can quote anything, regardless of complexity, and our success with T-Mobile is another demonstration of that fact.” added Fraser.

About T-Mobile

Global Capacity is the leading connectivity as a service company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of data network services globally. Through its One MarketplaceTM, the company brings together customers and suppliers with an automated platform that provides ubiquitous network solutions that deliver on its brand promise of Connectivity Made SimpleTM. Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to telecommunication carriers, managed service providers, application service providers and enterprise customers globally. Additional information can be found at www.globalcapacity.com or by following Global Capacity on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Salestream Software

Salestream Software provides superior automation solutions to the telecom and VAR industry. With its MasterStream™ family of hosted automation services telecom service providers and master agents alike automate all of their processes related to the management of partners, opportunities, quotes, orders, commissions, and other back-office operations. With MasterStream™, telecom agents and providers can support far more partners, process more sales and orders with far fewer resources than any other support system will allow.

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About MasterStream ERP

Did you know?

MasterStream ERP is the pioneer and leader in automating complex quoting for the telecom industry, routinely processing over 15 million quotes every month. In addition to quoting, MasterStream's software products bring speed and efficiency to a myriad of processes across the spectrum of the Lead to Cash selling cycle.

Quick facts:

  • Founded in Corona, CA in 2005
  • A telecom-centric ERP software company
  • Key market segments include:
    • Telecom Carriers and Service Providers
    • Cable Companies
    • Telecom Resellers
    • Master Agents & Agents