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MasterStream in the news...

MasterStream in the news...

Salestream Software Announces Corporate Name Change to MasterStream ERP to Reflect Broader Product Offerings and Enhancements

by MasterStream PR

Salestream Software (salestreamsoft.com), makers of the leading quote-to-cash software for telecom providers, master agents and agents, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to MasterStream ERP. The name change, effective immediately, reflects the company's recent changes in its product catalog and its expertise in providing customized ERP solutions for the telecom industry. 

“Our new name – MasterStream ERP – better defines us as a modularized ERP solutions provider, which is also supported by our newly enhanced product initiatives,” said Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Fraser. “As an established leading provider of software solutions in the telecom industry, our new name also reflects our commitment to expanding with breakthrough products and services that will help connect all the dots in the telecom quoting, sales and operational processes.” 

With MasterStream ERP, customers can manage their sales process at multiple levels with a customized solution designed to fit their specific business size and needs. Customers ranging from small agents to full Master Agents can all benefit from the personalized, flexible, and buildable modular ERP system that MasterStream has provided for more than ten years. And, announced this year in conjunction with the name change, the company is introducing the Drive! by MasterStream suite of products. Targeted as a right-sized solution for agents, a Drive! by MasterStream or HyperDrive! by MasterStream solution can provide more competitive pricing by engaging multiple suppliers, can automatically generate professional quotes to deliver to customers, and can provide faster response times. 

MasterStream ERP Contact:
Dianna Gearhiser
Director of Marketing

About MasterStream ERP

Did you know?

MasterStream ERP is the pioneer and leader in automating complex quoting for the telecom industry, routinely processing over 15 million quotes every month. In addition to quoting, MasterStream's software products bring speed and efficiency to a myriad of processes across the spectrum of the Lead to Cash selling cycle.

Quick facts:

  • Founded in Corona, CA in 2005
  • A telecom-centric ERP software company
  • Key market segments include:
    • Telecom Carriers and Service Providers
    • Cable Companies
    • Telecom Resellers
    • Master Agents & Agents