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MasterStream in the news...

MasterStream in the news...

MasterStream ERP Named 2018 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award Winner

by MasterStream PR

MasterStream ERP (www.masterstreamerp.com) – formerly Salestream Software – the makers of leading quote-to-cash automation software for telecom providers, master agents and agents, today announced that its Drive! suite of products won a 2018 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award from TMC. This award recognizes the most innovative customer experience technology solutions brought to market. 

MasterStream’s Drive! suite of products enables resellers and agents to quickly gather information from multiple providers to deliver accurate and concise options to customers. A customizable sales management solution for telecommunications resellers and agents of all sizes, the Drive! suite allows resellers and agents to obtain quotes from nearly every major provider in a matter of moments and automate the follow-up required of complex quoting. 

“Today’s fast-paced telecom sales cycles require agents to deliver cost-effective, accurate quotes quickly,” said Chris Gellos, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MasterStream ERP. “Our Drive! suite is enabling telecom sales to move at the speed of the networks they are selling. This recognition from TMC highlights the value we are delivering to sales teams across the telecom industry, and we look forward to continuing to deliver solutions that empower our customers’ businesses through automation.” 

The Drive! offerings enable agents to access multiple solutions and providers from a single platform, and has built-in checks to ensure the quoted options and prices provided to customers are available and accurate. This instant access enables agents to deliver even the most complex quote in minutes – even while they are sitting with or talking to a customer. 

The Drive! suite of products consists of three levels of MasterStream access and support: 

  • Drive! by MasterStream: Designed for telecom agents looking to gain more control over their quote and sales processes from pre-sale to revenue, and provide a streamlined and more efficient process for customers. Users have access to multiple Master Agent portfolios to facilitate instant quoting from a variety of providers.

  • HyperDrive! by MasterStream: Developed for agent companies looking to build their master agent business, HyperDrive! extends portal access to sub-agents without the expense of building a custom portal in-house. Providing all of the same features as Drive!, HyperDrive! enables micro-master agents to gain more control over their quote and sales processes, engage multiple suppliers, generate customized and professional quotes for their customers, and provide faster response times.

  • PowerDrive! by MasterStream: Designed for Master Agents as a fully customizable configuration that goes well beyond ordinary configure/price/quote (CPQ) software solutions, PowerDrive! builds on the foundational features in Drive! and HyperDrive!. The custom solution delivers the back office efficiencies required of power-user Master Agents. Process thousands of quotes for agents without touching a button, manage vendors, and utilize custom reporting features to help track what is most important.

To learn more about MasterStream’s Drive! suite, visit 

About MasterStream ERP 
MasterStream ERP is committed to becoming the leading provider of quote-to-cash software solutions for the telecom industry and to eliminate the time-consuming processes, complexity, and errors associated with the telecom supply chain between providers, agents, sub-agents, and customers. This commitment continues to be the driving force behind all new development of our MasterStream automation system and continues to sustain our position as the leading provider of automation solutions within the telecom industry.

MasterStream ERP Contact:
Dianna Gearhiser
Director of Marketing

About MasterStream ERP

Did you know?

MasterStream ERP is the pioneer and leader in automating complex quoting for the telecom industry, routinely processing over 15 million quotes every month. In addition to quoting, MasterStream's software products bring speed and efficiency to a myriad of processes across the spectrum of the Lead to Cash selling cycle.

Quick facts:

  • Founded in Corona, CA in 2005
  • A telecom-centric ERP software company
  • Key market segments include:
    • Telecom Carriers and Service Providers
    • Cable Companies
    • Telecom Resellers
    • Master Agents & Agents